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Geo-Thermal Heating in the Puget sound area, Tacoma and Kitsap Areas

Our certified technicians will give you the peace of mind of a professional installation.

Tap into the earth's stored energy and utilize it for the most efficient heating system available today. Geo-Thermal Ground Source heating is achieved by installing a series of pipes in the ground, either by means of large trenches or by drilling, similar to a well. The piping would run into the mechanical room where it would be connected to a heat pump using the earth's constant temperature to provide heating and cooling year round. When combined with in-floor radiant heating Geo-Thermal heating is truly the most comfortable and efficient heating system available.

Janes Radiant has offered Geothermal Heating and Radiant In-Floor Heating to Western Washington communities for over 30 years. We are proud to be your greater Puget Sound area geothermal heat specialists.

With cost to efficiency ratios up to 400% it's easy to see why more and more homeowners are switching to Ground Source Geo Thermal Heating systems.