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American Water Heaters AO Smith Polaris

Polaris High-Efficiency water heaters may have an American Water Heaters logo or an AO Smith logo.

Polaris Maintenance and Repairs

Janes Radiant Heating specializes in providing fast Polaris emergency service and maintenance on your Polaris water heater anywhere in Western Washington, anytime you need it. Our experienced maintenance and service technicians are factory trained and certified to properly diagnose, repair, or replace ever make and model of Polaris water heaters.

No one should have to wait for repair parts to be comfortable in their own home. That is why at Janes Radiant Heating we have the largest selection of Polaris based heating system parts in the Northwest. Our guarantee is to fix the problem right, as quickly as possible, so your family can be comfortable again.

We resolve problems that other companies just can't fix.

At Janes Radiant Heating we don't just sell you parts for your Polaris heating system, we sell you the peace of mind that the problem is solved. Janes Radiant truly is the authority in efficient radiant heating. At Janes Radiant, our only business is radiant heating, as it has been since our company was founded in 1987. We pride ourselves in finding solutions for the complicated heating issues that other companies just can't resolve. Whether your system has stopped working, is not producing enough heat, is leaking, or you just need an inspection, our highly trained technicians can diagnose and repair these issues and many more.

We provide exceptional service at a great price.

Janes Radiant Heating is dedicated to maximizing your comfort while also minimizing your costs. That is why we offer competitive prices and repairs to match any budget. Whenever you need our help, we will be there for you. Any time you contact us, Janes Radiant Heating will always provide you with a quick response. We offer convenient appointment times to fit your schedule. We always give our customers the highest quality service. We guarantee all of our work because our repairs last.

We offer routine maintenance for your Polaris heating system.

Like any other mechanical system, radiant heating systems experience wear over time. Many of our customers choose to have an annual scheduled maintenance to ensure their Polaris system is always running at maximum efficiency. During these checkups, Janes Radiant Heating will look over the pumps, valves, gauges, manifolds and other system components to make sure they are working properly and are not likely to leak. We perform a cleaning and adjustment service and ensure your thermostat is working properly. This routine maintenance will help keep your radiant heating system running in optimal condition.

We service all kinds of hydronic heating systems.

Janes Radiant Heating technicians are experienced in working with different types of fuels such as natural gas, heating oil, liquid propane, and electric. While our focus is on hydronic in-floor radiant heating, we also work on geothermal heat pumps, indirect hot water tanks, and other hydronic system components.

No matter what type of service your radiant heating system requires, one thing is clear - Janes Radiant has the expertise necessary to do the job right.

Contact us today.

Whether your radiant heating system needs maintenance or repairs, there is no one better to do the job than Janes Radiant Heating. Contact Janes Radiant Heating today toll free at 800-974-5884 or e-mail us at to schedule your annual radiant heating maintenance service or repair.