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Gas Fireplace Service & Repair

Janes Radiant Heating is the region leader in hydronic radiant heating, but did you know we also service gas fireplaces and gas fireplace inserts?

We offer routine maintenance for your gas fireplace.

Many of the homes that we visit to service the radiant heating system also have a gas fireplace. Having the same technician service your fireplace while already visiting to service your radiant heating means you save a trip fee. You know the work will be done to the same high standards you have been enjoying with your radiant heating system all these years.

We service all types, makes, and models.

Our fireplace maintenance is applicable to any brand. Whether the glass has fogged over time or the igniter has grown finicky, we can restore it to full functionality. Typical* service includes:

  • Cleaning the glass
  • Cleaning the burner assembly
  • Cleaning the pilot or ignitor assembly
  • Carbon Monoxide leak testing
  • Electrical inspection
  • Gas line inspection
  • Safety analysis
Repair and rebuild work may also include items like:
  • Cracked glass replacement
  • Gas pipe and fitting replacement
  • Burner assembly replacement
  • Pilot or ignitor assembly replacement
  • Seal replacement
  • New glowing embers
I had to find a new company to fix my gas fireplace because the previous one I used moved. Aaron was the expert they sent. He was very respectful and great to work with. In my book, the most important thing to know about a company is not how well they do when everything goes right, but how well they take care of things when it goes wrong. In my situation, we unfortunately had a few diagnosis go wrong and some very expensive wrong parts got ordered. But they have taken full responsibility and gone out of their way to make sure it gets set right. First, they stopped charging incremental additional time because I already paid the service fee and for the very expensive part. They made sure that my fireplace got fixed and they've also promised that they'll refund the difference of what I already paid to what I should have paid. I have no doubt that they will. Knowing that I can trust the company means the world to me because there are so many that you can't trust. I will always use these guys in the future and suggest them to anybody who asks. Thank you Janes Radiant Heating, for being a company I can trust.
Jeff W.
I've been having trouble with my fireplace for the last few weeks (the flame would turn off and back on randomly), so I called Janes Radiant Heating for help.

They sent Aaron out to service my fireplace - he did a great job walking me through what the issue was, repairing it, and staying for a little while to make sure everything was okay before he left.
Steve P.
Aaron arrived on time. Fixed our Gas Fireplace promptly, didn't get try to sell me something that wasn't necessary. Excellent Customer Service! I'd call them again in a Heartbeat.
Jan G.
We had a small gas leak in our fireplace line. Aaron from The Janes Company came out to do a service call and see if it was able to be fixed. He was friendly, professional, and let us know what he was doing every step of the way. He was able to fix the problem without having to replace the flex line (which would have been an extra charge), and now our fireplace works like a boss. Aaron even recommended a product that he uses to clean the glass on the front of the fireplace. All in all, I highly recommend Aaron and Janes Radiant Heating for anyone who needs fireplace service, repair, or even installation of a new one. Thanks, Aaron!!
Kelley T.
This was our first experience with the Janes Company, but I was very impressed. Aaron was very personable, and put in a lot of hard work to get our fireplace working properly. The unit hadn't been run in 12 years, and now it works perfectly.

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Whether your gas fireplace needs maintenance or repairs, there is no one better to do the job than Janes Radiant Heating. Contact Janes Radiant Heating today toll free at 800-974-5884 or e-mail us at to schedule a visit.

* Gas fireplaces and fireplace inserts vary; not all listed services apply to all models