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Best Heat Investment: Radiant Flooring In Your Home

The Comfort of In-Floor Heating – An Investment You Can Bank On

In-floor heating is a sound investment in your home in more ways than one, adding unique features to the value of your home.

  • It provides more than just heat, it provides comfort! Comfort that people enjoy much more. With the climate the often faces the Puget Sound area, comfort and warmth are important aspects of any Puget sound area home and our team has been happy to make sure both homes and commercial buildings in the greater Puget Sound area are providing this comfortable experience through radiant floor installation.
  • In-floor heating is much more energy efficient than conventional heating systems, so you save on the costs in heating your home.
  • There is a short payback on investment over conventional heating systems.

Most heating systems circulate warm air to distribute the heat. Because warm air rises to the ceiling, then has to cool before falling back down to our level, these types of systems overall have to run longer to provide warmth to the space. This costs more and uses more energy to operate. With In-Floor radiant heat, the heat starts at the ground level and radiates directly into people, objects and furniture within the space, conductively warming the entire space and not just the air within. This allows for overall lower thermostat settings and provides the highest levels of comfort while saving money on heating bills and costs.

We Have Flexible Solutions For Unusual Projects

We feel strongly that in-floor heating is the best solution for most people and most projects. Hydronic air handlers or radiator units can be part of a boiler-based hydronic system in rooms where in-floor heating isn’t feasible or a homeowner prefers them.

  • Short return on investment
  • Lower annual bills
  • Best value in heating systems