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Radiant Heat Design Services

There’s More To It Than Meets The Eye…

When people think of design, most think of how something will look. But the heating system designers at Janes Radiant Heating design for how something works. Specifically, they design for how their radiant heating systems will operate at the highest levels of comfort and efficiency for your space and needs. This means custom designing that will factor in thermostat zoning, construction type, installation type and different boiler efficiencies, to come up with the most cost effective and energy efficient plan for your specific project. For over twenty years, our team has been perfecting the design of radiant heat systems in homes around the Puget Sound from Bremerton to Issaquah, and Tacoma to Bellevue.

Good design is important when designing a radiant heating system. Once it’s designed and installed in the floor, you can’t see it. But you’ll know it’s working at the highest efficiencies designed for your individual space. Of course, flexibility is also important and we can design hydronic air handlers or radiators into the same system if a client wishes.

Consultation / Needs Analysis

Before we design, first we consult with you and listen to your needs for the spaces you want to heat. We provide recommendations and solutions. Read more about our consultation service >

is a necessary component when planning your radiant heat installation, so it is customized to your space and your needs.