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How Radiant Heating Works

It Follows You Wherever You Go

The warmth of in-floor heating stays with you, maintaining a consistent and even temperature. You don’t have to chase the thermostat because In-floor heating stays steady and follows you, wherever you go.

Instead of heating air and circulating it throughout the house, Infloor radiant systems warm objects – flooring, furniture and even people. Less energy is needed to transfer heat directly to people, rather than filling the entire room with hot air like a forced-air furnace.

Forget about cold tile floors, drafty rooms and constantly adjusting your thermostat to make a room comfortable. Radiant heat offers even heating throughout your home by working from the ground up… or at least the floor up. Most radiant heating is produced by an in-floor hot water system that creates an even warmth as it literally radiates from the floor to warm you, your furniture and your home or office. Not only do you get more comfort, but radiant heat can generate energy savings of up to 40%. You deserve the benefits of radiant heating for your custom home, multi-family dwelling or commercial building. Let us help design a personalized system for your needs, contact Janes Radiant Heating, your local radiant heating contractor today.