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Puget Sound Area Contractor Testimonials

Good Feedback

It’s more than just offering the great InFloor product, staying on schedule and communicating with our clients. At Janes Radiant Heating we use one indicator to ensure we’re providing the absolute best service in the radiant heating system business…the satisfaction of our customers. But, it’s not just the experience of the last customer that matters to us…it’s the experience of the next customer. We are happy to have developed relationships with local contractors in the Puget sound area, Bellevue and Kitsap areas. Here’s the reaction of a few of our many satisfied clients:


We have recently completed Mike Scarff’s new used car superstore in Renton using your company to install the “in-floor” heating system. The project demanded extremely close coordination between all subcontractors. We found that, from the office to the expert installers, Janes Radiant Heating met our expectations and met every scheduled deadline. After each phase of your work your crews left the job neat and clean and ready for the next stage of construction. Poe Construction would welcome the opportunity to work with your company again in the future.


All of us at Lee’s Mini Storage want to thank Janes Radiant Heating for designing, installing and overseeing the start up of our infloor radiant heating system.

We installed the radiant heat system in over 43,000 square feet of concrete floors. When your crews arrived on our job site, their expertise was very apparent as they immediately went to work laying out the system. They knew exactly what needed to be done and efficiently moved about the job site to accomplish the task. They had the equipment and supplies with them that were needed to complete the work. They were careful not to damage any of the other materials, which were onsite waiting to be installed.

Theo was excellent in explaining to us what was going on and how things would operate. We are very pleased with the performance of our radiant floor heating system. The natural gas bills for the first three months have been below our estimates.

If you or any of your employees are ever in our area, the coffeepot is on and the welcome mat is out, please stop and see us. Many thanks for a job well done, it was greatly appreciated.


Exceptional From Planning Through Install
Janes Radiant Heating provided exceptional service through the various stages of the radiant floor install of our condominiums. They aligned with our project goals, provided professionalism and attention to detail, and completed the job with little assistance from us. I would recommend Janes Radiant Heating without hesitation.


“We were experiencing a boiler that was HOT all the time, basically running non-stop for the last 17 years. Our old Vaillant boiler was failing & leaking water. We asked for estimates to replace as well as recommendations on our “hydronic system” built by our plumber 27 years ago. We received two estimates but chose Janes Radiant Heating because of Aaron’s suggestion to rid ourselves of the backflow prevention device that was also leaking from time to time. I have used both companies in our business of residential remodeling.

Aaron got us an estimate the very next day for replacement of our boiler and other pumps and parts that were outdated. But the removal of the BPD offered by Aaron was the tipping point in our decision. We wanted a modern system but one that also protected our potable water and our home in case of failure. That removal was not offered with the other well known firm.

Since our boiler was already leaking and making strange noises we replied right away with a deposit for the work quoted. Because Janes Radiant Heating was very busy we scheduled for a week out. A sudden snowstorm cancelled our Monday morning appointment but when an opening in your schedule presented itself, we complied and a couple technicians were dispatched to our home on a Thursday morning. Their first order of business was protection of the carpeted stairs and hallway downstairs leading to our mechanical room. They did an excellent job and we so appreciate their efforts.

We cannot say enough about Scott and the work he did over the course of the next three days to get our heat system up and running again, during the COLDEST week of the year. He worked 10 and 12 hour days. He had to completely re-wire and re-configure our system with the new components. Our old system had tanks and pipes hanging mid air. He routed wires, pipes and gadgets in a safe and workable manner to make the maintenance of our new system accessible. Our old system ran non-stop but because Scott understands modern techniques he was able to build our system and control it in such a way that our heat system is no longer running us out of the house.

To say we are well pleased is an understatement. We are ecstatic about our new system, new boiler and controls. And if our EntronII in floor piping ever fails Janes Radiant Heating will be the first and only call we will make. Your firm’s knowledge and expertise in hydronic systems makes it the only choice for folks like us who know and enjoy the benefits of hydronic heat.

Thanks for everything

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